Tembea Funding Needs

Educated girls improve the standard of living for their families, make a positive impact on the environment, attend college, select a career and become role models and leaders in their communities and hopefully, the country.

2012 - 2013: Phase 1 | 2013 - 2016: Phase 2 | 2017: Phase 3 | Other Funding Opportunities

Other Funding Opportunities


Sponsor a girl (elementary through high school student)

Sponsors are matched with one girl and
continue until her education is completed.

Sponsor an intern or college student

Sponsor a teacher – secondary level





Each student or teacher will send you regular letters and updates on their progress at the end of each term. You can write, send presents and of course VISIT.

A name of your choice will be placed on the dedication plaque for your donation. Some sponsors plan to dedicate their donation in their name and in their sponsored girl’s name.

Food security – BEADS is planning to be 90% self sufficient like many of our partner schools by raising livestock and growing our own food. Projects will include:


CHICKENS – for eggs and meat

COWS – for milk and bio-gas to provide cooking fuel and preserve woodlands

GOATS/SHEEP - to provide milk and meat

GREENHOUSES - for maize, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes etc.