Tembea High School Graduation!

January 2017

This January, BEADS sponsors traveled to Tembea High School to attend the graduation ceremony of the first class of students to attend Tembea all four years. The sponsors were greeted with welcoming songs and got to meet the girls' families. Some sponsors traveled to visit the girls' families in their homes. It was a joyful occasion and everyone is very proud of the Tembea graduates. Watch the video.

Our first Doctor! Thank you to the generous donors who matched to $50,000!

December 2016

Happy Holidays Sponsors and Friends,

I am so happy to tell you that one of our sponsored girls, Rachael Msoka,  has just graduated from medical school and will intern in OBGYN - this will help so many women in Kenya. We are thrilled to also have a Physician's Assistant, several nurses and look forward to more sponsored girls entering the medical profession with your amazing continued support. Thank you for your great support making so many girls dreams become a reality.

Rachael's Graduation Ceremony

Rachael's Graduation Ceremony


I am Rachael E. Msoka, and have just graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Nairobi. I am from a Tanzanian and have 4 siblings but I am the only one who got a chance to access good education. When my father died on a road accident, I was very young. My mother could not support the whole family and my aunt offered to take me with her to Kenya. One of my sisters ended up marrying at a tender age and our third born later did the same. Ours was a struggle to make ends meet.
Although I was too old, about 12 years, I entered primary school. This was my only chance to learn English, the language used in all Kenyan schools,  since I only spoke my mother tongue. I knew the fees, personal effects  stationary was a challenge for my aunt, but she found a way.
To everyone's surprise, including mine, I did very well in primary school and was admitted to Moi Girls' Secondary School in Kajiado.  
It was only with the good fortune of a BEADS sponsorship that I was able to enroll and finish high school and continue to medical school. 
I am honored and humbled by the efforts of BEADS for Education and my sponsors and will always do my best to use my skills wisely and help as many people as I can - especially the needy women.

Thank you,


Tembea Places Highly in Biology Contest

June 2016

Our girls participated in a biology contest on June 11. Out of 9 schools and over 200 students, Beryl, who is in Form 4 at the BEADS High School, placed #1 - WOW. Tembea High School placed 3rd and we are very pleased that we will be continuing to the next level of competition. 

All donations will help with our science lab and supplies - $15,000

Thank you for your years of support and Beryl will surely be a success.

Tembea Student Accepted to Yale Young African Scholars Program


BEADS is proud to announce that #72 Everlyn Lonte was accepted to the Young African Scholars Leadership program which will be held in Rwanda next August. We are so excited she was chosen from the applicants from 30 African countries. Everlyn is already a leader and the Yale training should bring her many more leadership skills.  She is especially interested in the environment.
To see an overview of the program, click here: Yale Young African Scholars Program | Yale Young Global Scholar



Read Everlyn's inspirational application essay!

Coming of Age—Without the Cut!

May 2009

In their early teens, Maasai girls go through a ritual that elevates them from girlhood to womanhood. BEADS is committed to helping the Maasai maintain this beautiful tradition, while providing Alternative Ceremonies that do not include the FGM that has occurred in the past.

Watch an interview with Siato, a young Maasai girl about to take part in one of BEADS' alternative ceremonies.

Introducing Patrick Papatiti


We have always known that BEADS' mission can only succeed with the support of the local Maasai people. One of our most important supporters among the Maasai is Patrick Papatiti.

Patrick is a Maasai warrior, known as Moran. In fact, he is the leader of 8,000 warriors in the region where he lives. The tribal elders bestowed this honor upon Patrick, and he will hold the position for life.

Patrick believes in the power of education. BEADS secured a sponsorship for Patrick, so that he could graduate from high school at the age of 31. His influence within the community on women's issues and the importance of education has been critical to our success. BEADS owes him much.

Here is an article written by Patrick in 2007, close to his graduation.