Sinet Florence Nasoore

Sinet Florence Nasoore was the first girl sponsored by BEADS for Education. She was twelve years old at the time, and her father was searching for her husband. Read Florence's account of the plans for her Marriage.

Through a series of meetings, Florence's parents were convinced to allow her to continue school with the help of a sponsorship. She turned out to be an excellent student and a gifted athlete, one of the fastest runners in her region.

In 2000, she became the first girl in her family to attend high school. She graduated with honors and qualified for University. She participated in the BEADS Intern program, and graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2010 with a B.A. in Education as a Math & Science Teacher.

Florence is writing oral histories as part of our first BEADS book, and she has applied to teach math and science at a local high school.

Being the first BEADS-sponsored girl, Florence felt the weight of expectation, and she has succeeded wonderfully. Everyone in her family and at BEADS is so proud of her. She is an inspiration to the entire community. Way to go, Florence!