Florence Maina

Florence Maina began her sponsorship in 1998. If she had not stayed in school, she would have most likely been forced to marry as a young teenager, and become one of several wives of a much older man.

Florence worked very hard in school and graduated from high school with the desire to go to college. She joined the first group of BEADS Interns, where she taught elementary school in a rural Kenyan village.

She went on to college, graduated with a degree in social work and became a teacher, thanks to her interning experience.

In 2007, she went to a church function and met Henry, one of the ministers. They were soon engaged and got married in 2008. Today, they have young son named Blessed, and Florence is the head of school at a small elementary school near Isinya.

We are so proud of Florence and the life she has made for herself. Congratulations, Florence, on a beautiful family and a job well done!