$35 per month can provide a girl with an education

Sponsoring a girl's education is one of the most important things you can do to help her achieve a better life. Here's what you need to know.

Your sponsorship goes directly to the girls.

All BEADS operating expenses are raised through the generous donations of our sponsors and supporters. Your sponsorship pays for the girls' school/boarding fees, workshops on HIV/AIDS, women's rights, career counseling/mentoring and community service projects. School fees are paid directly to the school.

With your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • A photo of your sponsored girl
  • A short, introductory letter from your sponsored girl
  • Regular progress reports from the girl's school
  • The chance to make a lifelong connection. Many sponsors and girls have stayed in touch for years, even after graduation

Yes, I would like to sponsor a girl!

Thank you for your generous decision! You can first select a girl to sponsor by emailing Debby Rooney.
She will reply and guide you through the process. 

Or you can enroll in sponsorship right now and Debby will contact you afterward to connect you with your newly sponsored student.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sponsorships

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Who are the girls?

The girls come from the Maasailand regions in Kenya, usually from poor, rural areas. Often, they come from large families, where they have less chance of receiving scarce family funds for tuition. They have been deemed at risk for forced early marriage. The girls can be as young as 8 and as old as 18.

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What are the criteria for sponsorship?

We select girls who are presently in school but are at risk for forced early marriage. Girls are required to maintain satisfactory grades, attend workshops, and provide letters and school reports at the end of each term. In order to continue through college with a BEADS sponsorship, girls are required to volunteer after they graduate from high school for 4 terms working as interns for BEADS programs. Girls usually volunteer as HIV/AIDS trainers of trainers and elementary school teachers in the public schools. Girls are dismissed from the program if they do not meet these criteria or if they become pregnant during their sponsorship.

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How much does a sponsorship cost?

$35 per month or approximately $400 per year.

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What does my sponsorship pay for?

Your sponsorship pays for - school and boarding fees for a girl, workshops on HIV and AIDS, rights for women, career counseling and mentoring, community service projects. School fees are paid directly to the school. All operating expenses are raised through the generous donations of our sponsors and supporters.

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What kind of schools do the girls attend?

Girls attend private schools in order to access the best education available. The school year consists of three terms, with the new school year beginning each January. Due to long distances students must usually travel to attend schools. Because of this, most secondary—and many primary schools—are boarding schools. All of our sponsored girls attend boarding schools, including our own new high school, Tembea Academy. See a video of Tembea Academy here. In Swahili, Tembea means “walk to the future.”

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What contact will I have with my sponsored girl?

You will receive a picture, a short introductory letter and regular progress reports from the school. The girls enjoy corresponding with their sponsors. Sponsors are encouraged to write to and to visit their sponsored girl, her family, and her school. These trips are often life-changing.

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What is a typical sponsor visit like?

BEADS can help you schedule and plan a sponsor visit, or accommodate an independent visit. BEADS-planned visits are busy visits, indeed. You and other visiting sponsors will: arrive in Nairobi and stay at the luxurious Fairview Hotel for a night, travel to the school of your sponsored girl, take a tour of the school and meet the students and staff, meet your sponsored girl and her parents, go on a safari in one of the world-renowned game parks in Kenya. If you are interested in joining a trip, or wish to learn more, email Debby Rooney at beadsofkenya@aol.com.

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How is the program monitored?

The BEADS Program Manager and assistants, in conjunction with the school principals and parents, meet regularly with the girls and their mothers to oversee the sponsorship program.

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What languages do the girls speak?

There are approximately 42 languages in Kenya, 10 of which are represented by our sponsored girls. Most girls speak Kimaasai as their native language. Swahili and English are learned in school and the letters to you will be written in English.

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What if I cannot afford $35 a month?

Some of our sponsorships are shared by small groups of people. Girls are never dropped from the program if the sponsor cannot continue but a replacement sponsor is located.

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