Most BEADS-sponsored girls are the first in their families to complete elementary school. There are hundreds of success stories that could be told, and we are proud of all our girls. The stories shared here are only a few highlights.
Sanaipei Lolkinyiei was outgoing and always smiling, even as a young girl. She was also one of more than 20 children in her family. Without a sponsorship, there would not be enough money to pay tuition for her schooling.

With her parents' blessing, she began her sponsorship at age 15, as the equivalent of a high school freshman. She worked very hard, and her marks were consistently in the top 10% of her class. When she graduated from high school, her sponsors came all the way from Santa Fe to throw her a graduation party.

Sanaipei joined the BEADS Intern program, teaching elementary school in a rural district, and now she is deciding where to attend University, and what she will study. She is leaning toward science or health. Read an update of Sanaipei's life in college.

Sanaipei is a wonderful young woman, and a perfect example of what Kenyan girls are capable of when they get an education. Great job, Sanaipei, and good luck in college!