Coming of Age—Without the Cut!
May 2009

In their early teens, Maasai girls go through a ritual that elevates them from girlhood to womanhood. BEADS is committed to helping the Maasai maintain this beautiful tradition, while providing Alternative Ceremonies that do not include the FGM that has occurred in the past.

Watch an interview with Siato, a young Maasai girl about to take part in one of BEADS' alternative ceremonies.

Child Brides, Stolen Lives
May 2009

Sponsored girls at Lobarishereki Primary School talk about early marriage and the benefits of education. May 2009

New classrooms!
May 2009

Watch a great video about the new classrooms at Top Ride Academy and the new library at Lobarishereki Primary School! May 2009

Introducing Patrick Papatiti

We have always known that BEADS' mission can only succeed with the support of the local Maasai people. One of our most important supporters among the Maasai is Patrick Papatiti.

Patrick is a Maasai warrior, known as Moran. In fact, he is the leader of 8,000 warriors in the region where he lives. The tribal elders bestowed this honor upon Patrick, and he will hold the position for life.

Patrick believes in the power of education. BEADS secured a sponsorship for Patrick, so that he could graduate from high school at the age of 31. His influence within the community on women's issues and the importance of education has been critical to our success. BEADS owes him much.

Here is an article written by Patrick in 2007, close to his graduation.

BEADS Project: Tembea Girls High School

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November 2000
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