If you don't want to sponsor a girl or buy beaded products
but you still wish to support BEADS programs in Kenya,
here are a few options you might consider!
Sponsor a Walker in the Walkathon
You can help support BEADS' only major fundraiser.
Learn more about the Walkathon here.
Donate a Pair of Running Shoes
$20 an provide shoes for the Walkathon participants (worn in the walk and beyond).
Many shoes provided by Chaco.
Buy 5 Books for the Top Ride Library
$20 can provide anxiously awaited-for new arrivals in our elementary school library. Jabberwocky Bookstore (Newburyport, MA) provides most of our books at cost.
Learn more about our Library Programs here.
Help Build Classrooms and Residences at Top Ride School
$50 can help us reach our goal of completing 8 classrooms and 6 residences at the our partner school.
Learn more about our School Improvement Program here.
Support a Town Clean-Up
$75 can provide bags, plastic gloves, rakes, shovels and other tools for environmental awareness.Town clean-ups are hosted 3 times a year.
Provide Beading Supplies
$75 can help our Beading Groups in their traditional craft and teach basic business concepts.
Learn more about our Women's Beading groups here.
Host a Maasai Coming Of Age Ceremony—Without the Traditional Cut
$100 can help support an important cultural tradition—in a way that eliminates the negative aspects.
Learn more about BEADS Coming of Age Alternative Ceremonies here.
Support Girls' Enrichment Programs
$250 can fund a two-day workshop for girl groups, including AIDS Awareness training, career counseling, community service projects and more.
Join the BEADS Circle of Friends
$500 can join BEADS Circle of Friends. With this donation, you will receive a hand-beaded gift and a subscription to the BEADS newsletter. Your donation will help with:
  • Curriculum Materials
  • Teacher Training
  • Library Development
  • Computers
  • Solar Lighting
  • Photo Equipment
  • Career Counseling
  • Vocational Training
  • Environmental Education
  • Business Training
  • New Group Development
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Major Gift Wish List
View our current wish list in pdf format.To make a donation of items from our Wish List, please email us at